Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gushing about groceries

OK, so I will admit.... One of the few things I like about the place I live is the natural foods store. I know, I know. But we are only here because of a job, and it's just really not a good fit for our family. But. The natural foods store is awesome. And what's further amazing is that it's actually a chain! And thus being a part of a chain, they offer awesome sales and coupons and such.

Which leads to today. I had three coupons that could all be used simultaneously, so off we went! (fwiw, we were running errands and in the vicinity anyway. I would not have made the whole trip just for this. That's not very eco-friendly!)

So for a whopping $6 and change I got...... this:
That's a pound of ground chuck(all natural, etc. etc.), a pound of salsa, three pounds of local apples, a HUGE bag of organic chips, and raisins. (the raisins were filler. I had to spend $5 to get two of the deals).

Additionally, I DID bake the other day.... Thursday, I think. But I was in such a rush to bake, clean, and so on that I didn't take the time for pictures. We do have fresh bread, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies to enjoy. And I made peach muffins this morning for the kids and I to eat. Yay baking!


  1. Gotta love Earth Fare! Oh, I meant to tell you we went Thursday night for kids eat free (and used my coupons!). If you go around 5 you're good, otherwise you have to wait in line (still not too bad though). BUT, there was tons of babywearing going on! Most of it needed adjustments to help mom & baby be more secure and comfy, but babywearing beyond the bjorn anyways (stretchy wraps, pouches, ring slings, mei tai). Unfortunately I didn't have sling baby with me, he got to stay home with hubby.

  2. Oh, neat! I wish we could get there for that, but Thursdays are just not a good day for us. I've started watching a friend of mine's baby(she works with my husband) and Thursday is one of those days, and they don't get here until about 5:30. By then, ideally, dinner is basically on the table. I've been working on prepping or making whatever I can during the day.

    And yay for more babywearing! I truly see so SO little of it around here, it's almost shocking.

  3. What store is it? That is a fantastic deal! Our natural foods store that we frequent is from the Vitamin Cottage company and they are awesome! Their organic produce is close to the same price as the grocery store and a lot of their other products are less expensive too. It is so nice and continuing surprise!

  4. It's Earth Fare. I think it's a southeast chain. They have their own generic product brand and all of that.
    Everything is "expensive" compared to, say, Wal-mart. But Wal-mart stuff isn't hormone free, dye free, preservative free, or organic. Oh yea, they don't sell anything with any artificial food dyes or HFCS, so it makes it nice not to have to consider those things. But none of it is "Whole Foods" expensive. I hate how expensive Whole Foods is, though I loved the store when we lived near one.