Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy weight loss, batman!

One morning last week, as I was getting dressed, I realized that my pants were fitting differently. Which then made me want to see just how differently. And so I checked. And lo and behold, I'd lost two inches! But we don't have a scale at the moment, so I had no way to track my weight. No major concern there, weight is just a number and if my clothes are getting looser, then hooray!

So today my husband sort of ambushed me into a personal training session at his gym. I did NOT want to go. Really. Fought it every step of the way. I don't like exercising, but I know I have to make myself do it. Which is why we own a treadmill. Now, I don't actually USE the treadmill, but we own it. I must have burned calories putting it together. But back to the point.... I hate exercising, but more than hating exercise itself, I hate exercising around other people who can see me and judge me. Yes, I know people look at me and judge me all the time, and I can live with that. But I am embarrassed by just how out of shape I am.

So, this morning I find myself at the gym, in the personal training office. And so of course they start by getting your measurements. Weight was first. Now, the last time I was weighed was a month ago at a doctor's appointment. And from that time to today I lost, *drumroll* NINE POUNDS!!!! NINE people, NINE!

And you know what's more? I haven't done anything at all except change how I eat, and pay more attention to how much I eat. I also don't eat after dinner at all. I even went to Disneyworld and ate less than wonderfully, and I've had a few slip ups here and there(like yesterday, when I was SO not in the mood to cook).

I feel so.... vindicated! The husband knew I was making good changes, but there were some things he didn't think I was doing right. And now, well, this kind of proves it, doesn't it? Woo-hoo!

And since every post needs a picture, here ya go, the cute picture for today. Ansel at around 18 months.


  1. That is so AWESOME Nicole!!!! I got rid of our scale a LONG time ago, some where between kids. It was too much stress (especially with weight gain from the health problems and lethargy). But you're doing great! Congratulations! And that cute little chubby baby picture hits the spot. What a darling baby!

  2. That is awesome! I need to be watching the amount of food I eat too. Most of it is healthy, but there is still a lot going in! I'm trying to be more consistent with the exercise too (using the elliptical in our living room instead of looking at it!). And that pic made me think you photoshopped a head onto a body, its cool (and he was so little with a lot less hair!).

  3. It does kind of look like that! That was his chubby period. He was really skinny until he was about 14 months. And then from 14 months to about 24 months he was CHUNKY! It was hilarious! And yes, we buzzed both the boys' hair that summer. He'd already had four or five haircuts by the time he was 18 months. My kids have TONS of hair!