Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bring it on 2013

It's almost the new year! How can 2013 be coming right down on us already? It's terrifying! And really exciting all at once. So many opportunities in front of us. I don't really 'do' the New Year's resolution thing. But I'll fake it this year and resolve to actually blog again. I fell off the wagon when our family went through some big disruptions and I lost my mojo for a bit. Sometimes it was just enough to get through the day with everyone clean and fed. But now I need to do better. Blogging will help, I hope.

This did cause to me to scroll back through my old blog posts. There were more than I remembered. I guess I was maybe a little better at this than I thought. I also flipped back through my old entries to find my ranch dressing recipe and used that today.

And times have changed since I was posting here last. I had to update my profile because it said my boys are 4 and 9 when they're now 6 and 10(soon to be 11)! Both of them are in school now, kindergarten and fifth grade. Things are definitely different than they were before.

I'll leave you with a Christmas picture. Because yesterday was Christmas. And because I can.


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  2. Yippee, more blogging! I knew I left you in the RSS reader for a reason! ;)

  3. Aw, I appreciate your show of confidence! I always come back around for more.