Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tacos for the win!

It's been a busy week, so I just wanted to check in real quick with everyone and make a super quick, hopefully useful post.

It's about tacos. My kids love tacos. And we usually eat beef tacos because we eat a lot of chicken otherwise and not nearly as much beef. And a nice thing about tacos is that there's not a lot of actual meat necessary, so it's good for the budget and it's 'healthy'(assuming you're doing it right).

Good is good, but better is better, right? I also knew I wanted to make extra taco meat to freeze for a quick meal later. So I started with two pounds of ground chuck. Browned it, then added two packet's worth of taco seasoning(I made it from scratch). Then, for no particular reason whatsoever, I added two 15 oz. cans of diced tomatoes, one with jalapeƱos and one without, both drained. Then I added a rinsed, drained, can of black beans. And I simmered it all together for 10 minutes.

The result? Both kids ate their tacos(Kadin had seconds, which I expected). I asked if they were good, they said yes. I asked if they noticed anything different, they said no. Success! It also stretched things out that it's basically three meals' worth of taco meat. So that's a heck of a savings right there.


  1. How is that different from your usual, if you expected him to notice a change?

  2. Usually we just do ground beef or chicken. The veggies just get added on top.