Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week's grocery list, how liberating!

I'm doing things a little bit backwards this week. I'm going to buy some basic food staples based on what's on sale this week, and then I'll plan my meals around what I have. I think that'll be easy enough, and I expect to save some money this way. It's also easy because I have a lot of things on hand from Trader Joe's and so all I need to buy are perishables. I also have the space now to freeze quite a bit of meat and things. So... I'll share my list with you!

Gala apples(5 lb. bag)
Local sweet potatoes
Green bell pepper(4)
Tangerines(3 lb. bag)
Broccoli(2 bunches)
Red bell pepper(2)
Hot House Tomatoes(4 lbs.)
Bagged salad(2 or 3, depending on expiration dates)
Red potatoes(5 lb. bag)
Potatoes(5 lb. bag)
White onions(3 lbs.)
Red onions(3 lbs.)

Whole chicken(2 or 3)
Chicken breast(probably about 10 lbs.)
London Broil
Bottom Round
Sirloin Tip

Milk(2 gallons)

Canned beans, black specifically(I hate making black beans from dry beans, the others don't bother me as much).

Lima beans(2 lb. bag)

I'm a little curious about how much this will add up to! Only time will tell I guess.

ETA: I'm guesstimating about $120 plus tax. We'll see!

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