Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bikes and trikes and things

So, I had another blog planned, but after the Teddy incident overnight(Teddy having a major, ongoing seizure and having to take him to the vet ER) and me subsequently being worried all day, I didn't have the wherewithal to edit it and post.

So here I am, sitting outside, while Ansel runs off some much needed steam. On a normal day, we would have played outside earlier, but I've just been really blah all day. I am, however, so glad that the weather is cooling off some. The heat isn't oppressive now and there's even a frequent breeze, which is lovely!

It was today that I realized Ansel needs a new bike. The one he has now was a Christmas present from us in 2009. Look at tiny Ansel!
His birthday is in December, so I think that would be a good time to get him a new bike. I just feel like a bike is kind of a big 'whenever' present, and the bike he has now still works for him, it's just getting a little small.

As a bonus, check out my mom pointing and laughing at Ansel when he fell off his bike on Christmas.
Not really. She was pointing like, "Look! He fell!" It just looks like she's pointing and laughing.

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