Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cookbooks!! I am so excited!

I LOVE these cookbooks!

I have previously purchased, and loved, the Real Simple magazine cookbooks. They publish them periodically, I don't know the intervals(seems about yearly) and I wanted more. These are the two I started with:


So I went on the hunt to see if there were more out there. If a little is good, more is better, right? So lo and behold, yes, Real Simple has published actual, bound cookbooks. So into my Amazon cart they went! And they sat. And sat. And I really wanted to buy them, and I waffled on it, but never quite did it.

Then last week, I needed to order new carseats for Ansel, and so I threw on the cookbooks as well(with dear husband's blessing, woot!). And now I am so excited! They're here, and I can't wait to sit down with them and pour over every single page and pick the recipes I want to try first.

If you haven't ever used these cookbooks or Real Simple recipes, you should. They're simple(obviously), they're almost all quick meals, and they use mostly whole foods. None of the recipes I've used have ever called for anything canned or odd. And everything has been awesome. There was one dish I made that we didn't love, but it's not like it was inedible or the kids were complaining. I expect that over the next couple of weeks, most of our meals will be coming from these cookbooks, and it's gonna be great. Ya'll will definitely be hearing more about them.

What's your favorite cookbook? Is there anything I absolutely have to check out?


  1. Clean food by Terry walters is awesome. It is our go to book.

  2. I like Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything ( and everything by Cook's Illustrated, especially the The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (

  3. Ok, I will definitely be checking those out! Thanks!

  4. The Cook's Illustrated Best Recipes books are really good. I have 30 Minute Meals, Cover and Bake, and The Best Slow and Easy Recipes. They have specials on them periodically so you can get them for about 1/2 price (I'm still on their e-mail list even though I don't get Cook's Illustrated any more since my library carries it).

  5. Oh! I have definitely seen the Cooks Illustrated at the grocery store now that you mention them again. I've just always overlooked them for some reason. Bland cover design or something? I think I kind of brushed them off like I do Architectural Digest. LOL. Maybe I need to reconsider.

  6. I like the America's Test Kitchen Family cookbook and baking book (in a three ring binder). The healthy one of the same series is "questionable in my mind, substitung three slices of white bread for 1/2 cup of cream in the tomato soup recipe. I make healthy substitutions for their white products listed in the recipe all the time and rarely have their recipes failed me (their sloppy joes were pretty unflavorful though, i did lots of doctoring up there).