Friday, September 23, 2011

Dun-dun-dun.... School lunches

Oh my, school lunches. Heated topic. Anyone seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Or checked out the awesome blog, Fed Up With Lunch?(I've been following it for a while) There's tons of info out there on why school lunches are terrible. And they are. Where we lived in Virginia, they were pretty bad. But here in Georgia, I would have to say they are far, far worse.

For example, at my son's school today, this is their meal:
Choice of: Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza w/Garlic Breadstick, Manager's Choice, or PB&J
With(pick two): Pasta Salad, Peas and Carrots, Fresh Veggies/Dip, Fresh Fruit
And of course, milk or chocolate milk.

So, possibly, a child could get pepperoni pizza, breadstick, pasta salad, peas and carrots, and chocolate milk. That is a LOT of carbs and sugar. Wow. And the food is all so highly processed that it's scary. Needless to say, I send lunches to school with Kadin. He might on rare occasions buy lunch, but that's it. I think he's bought lunch twice so far this year, and his school has been open since the first full week of August.

I decided it would be fun to show you guys a week of what I pack Kadin for lunch. I will admit, usually there would be more redundancy, but for the sake of the blog I made sure not to have any repeats of main items. But I will vouch for the fact that this is representative of what I would send for him, and he does eat it. One day this week he didn't eat his apple, but that was because he said he didn't have time(he likes to talk). But other than that, all of this was actually eaten. Oh, and they don't have snacks at school anymore.


This is basically dinner leftovers. Beef and bean burrito, salad with french dressing, white grapes, and water.


Nitrate-free bratwurst on a whitewheat bun, green bell peppers, apple, and water.


Greek honey yogurt, apple, pretzels(it's a pretty big bag, fyi), and water.

Ham sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and mustard, red grapes, rice cakes, and water.

Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on whole grain bread, apple, whole grain Cheez-Its, cucumbers, and water. I have no idea what of this he'll eat, but if I took any one part of it away, it looked naked.

What's your child's favorite lunch? What was your favorite as a kid? I used to look forward to tuna sandwiches.


  1. a pb and nutella sandwich is basically my lunch everyday. :)

  2. Haha! It's our new Friday routine. It's an easy sell to both kids when you call it "A Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich." I mean, really, what's better than a candy sandwich?

  3. DS has taken the same thing for lunch pretty much for the last 2+ years: uncured, nitrate free turkey hot dog, sunflower seed butter (to dip his hot dog in - GROSS), pretzels or veggie chips, TJ's fruit bar or raisins or other fruit, and a slice of rice cheese (we deal with multiple food allergies). This past week, I've also put in a small container of hummus for him to dip his pretzels in (yay!). DD usually takes a soybutter and jam/jelly (low sugar jam I made last year or local blackberry jam made by the folks we get our local honey from) sandwich, pretzels/veggie chips, a fruit, and soy cheese though she will also take leftovers (she had leftover chili with corn and quinoa pasta twice this week - totally crammed her 10 oz Thermos container and it came back empty both times) as she's much less picky than DS. Nutella and PB sounds really good. :)

  4. LOL, sunflower seed butter on hot dogs? That's a new one! I guess it's a good way to get some extra protein in the meal.

    I need to make hummus. We haven't had any in a while and I have all the stuff to make it. Maybe I'll get to that in the next week or so.