Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nature fun time at the lake

I didn't update yesterday..... I will now hang my head in shame. I was doing SO WELL! Hmph. I guess that's ok anyway.

I had been planning on my next post being more information on HFCS, but that can be either tomorrow or later today. We had an impromptu trip to the lake on Sunday, so I decided I'd post on that first.

This summer we realized our county has a park with a lake for swimming, boating, and camping. We've been in this area for two years now and it took me this long to figure it out. In my defense, our county's website leaves much to be desired and the parks and recreation information is even less available, despite our county's parks being thus far quite impressive. So. Once I figured it out, we went and checked it out.
It's great! The park is quite large, with several different areas designated for boating and swimming. The swimming beach has not been busy any of the times we have visited. The busiest time had about two other groups of people there. This time, when we arrived, there was only one sunbather actually on the beach. It's really nice! The water is as clean as one could expect from a lake. They have obviously trucked in sand, which is fine with me. The water is pretty shallow in this area, though if you go far enough out it's hard to say how deep it might be. The only time I tried that was when we had another adult along with us(I guess I just don't trust my swimming skills that much!).
On this particular day, I had intended to stay in and clean the house. But the weather ended up being amazing, it WAS a weekend, and being almost mid-September, it's impossible to know how long this weather will hold up. So upon the advice of two friends, I let the responsibility wait and we went and had fun. I packed a lunch, and only took the necessary swimming items to minimize effort necessary, and off we went! Another great thing is that the drive out there is through a rural part of the county which is pleasant, and then admission is $3 per vehicle, so that's simple enough. We turned on some jams in the car, and off we went!
The kids had a great time, as always. They didn't want to leave, even after staying for a couple of hours, but that's par for the course anytime we do something fun. It also sufficiently wore them out so they were much more laid back for the rest of the day. It's a win-win for everyone!

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